Friday, March 02, 2012

Did you Notice??

It's March already! This year is zooming right along.
Of course, March means March Sweater Madness so hop over there for a peak, check out the patterns, and the prize. Then join me in the race to finish a sweater this month.
I promise it's absolutely satisfying. You'll have your very own cheering section and lots of support! And hopefully once April rolls around you'll also have a pretty sweater to show off.
This is the one that I'll be working on:
I dug through my stash today and came up with two possible yarns, which I will be swatching tonight to see if I get gauge. Yes. Me: swatching! Will wonders never cease??
I'm looking forward to working on this sweater. Rather easy, since it's mostly worked in a rib.
This will be a sizable project in Surmounting the Stash too, so that's another reason for my excitement.


Holly said...

Ok, if I can find yarn in the stash I am in. I really like your choice but am going to head down the cardigan route. Again....

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That's fantastic, Holly!