Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sheep!... Off the Hoof

That would be the only kind that I am allowed to bring home.

On a (very generous) tip from my friend Tina, I introduced myself to a local farmer that has fleece for the taking. Dream come true! Fleece is fleece and in my books all fleece is my friend. Especially the free kind. It's Dorset and Dorset crosses (I forget with what breed). I brought two garbage bags full home with me, which I will start washing this afternoon. I'm starting to see blue sky out there so it should be a good day for drying.

Apparently Dorset wool doesn't felt. I found that tidbit most interesting. Naturally I will test that for myself, as I received that information word of mouth and so far have been unable to find reference to this characteristic online.

Here's another link about the Dorsets. I didn't know that they were considered a Rare breed. It's good to learn something new every day.

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Holly said...


all wool that has not been specifically treated will felt. All of it. Hair breeds don't felt, but fleece does.

Some take more effort than others - but be gentle unless you are looking for sheets, lumps and balls of wool