Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Huge DONE!

Talk about a stash buster!  18 balls of Sirdar Deluxe Mohair, gone out of the stash.  It was well aged.  Yay!  It fits a king-sized bed.  If you read the previous post and took note of my panic, worry not.  I decided to short-change the pattern by two rows and managed to cast off with a tiny bit of yarn left over.  The sigh of relief was very dramatic as my daughter can attest.   I am thrilled it's done. It will be going to the Exhibition in a couple weeks and after that will most likely live in my daughter's room.

Now I am contemplating my next knit.  From the stash for sure, but I'm not prepared to work on UFOs at the moment. I'm thinking another project with yarn that is taking up a lot of room, one that's been lingering around longer than necessary. 

I'm on a mission to reduce the monstrous stash.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It looks fantastic - glad you found a way to make it work!

RobinH said...

King size!!! WOW! That is gorgeous, and what a big project. Well done!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...