Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

My long janies, finally done!  Yay!  I'm quite happy with them, and their woolly goodness.  Briggs&Little Sport, knit on 2.5mm circulars, 343g worth.  I am planning on making another pair, higher in the waist.  These ones are short enough not to show above the waist of my jeans.  I think I may even write out the pattern as I knit the new pair. These long janies count as one of my 3 WIPs for the Stashdown (see below). Have I said how thrilled I am that these are finally done??

Also, because I am a joiner, and once again, A Little Yarn On The Side came up with a really good one, I am taking part in "FILL YOUR HOLIDAYS WITH MUSIC” STASHDASH.
  1. Find a cute holiday-ish basket that will inspire you to fill it with yarny-goodness
  2. Between November 1 and midnight of December 31, fill it with any combination of the following:
A. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - knit something small (less than 6 inches or thereabout)
B. Frosty the Snowman - knit a snowman of some sort or something with a snowman on it
C. Toyland - make the toy of your choice
D. My Favorite Things - make “warm woolen mittens” in your choice of yarn and size. Mini mittens do count
E. Here Comes Santa Claus - knit a Santa or something with Santa on it
F. A Marshmallow World - spin the fiber of your choice
G. Silver Bells - make a bell or something with a bell motif
H. Jingle Bells - make something (such as an ornament or stocking or whatever) that can have jingle bells attached to it
I. Blue Christmas - make something blue
J. White Christmas - make something white
K. Oh Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) - make an ornament to hang on the tree, or alternatively make a tree
L. We Three Kings - finish 3 WIPS or finish 3 items if you don’t have any WIPs
M. Joy to the World - finish your oldest WIP
N. Christmas in Killarney - make something green
O. Nuttin’ for Christmas - make Grumpy, the Lump of Coal
P. What Child is This? - make something for a baby or child
Q. Twas the Night Before Christmas - make a Christmas stocking, stocking ornament, or socks
R. Christmas Shoes - make a pair of slippers, booties, or socks
S. I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas - make a hippopotamus or other toy (crochet) (knit)
T. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer - make something red
U. Good King Wenceslas - make a crown or hat
V. Deck the Halls - make a decoration
W. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - make your favorite pattern  
X. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - finish eight WIPS or 8 items if you don’t have WIPs
Y. Twelve Days of Christmas - finish twelve WIPS or 12 items if you don’t have WIPs
Z. Ring Out, Wild Bells - finish ALL your WIPS
Bonus Challenge: Knit 6,000 yards of yarn in any way you would like
So it's like this:  since the beginning of November, I've spun a full bobbin (yes, only one; don't judge me) of a Shetland fleece I bought two years ago at a Back to Back Challenge, which has been a spinning UFO for quite some time.  The goal is to finish what I have carded, and possibly finish carding the rest of that fleece and spin that, then knit it up into some glorious project.  I'm working on a hat even as I type this.  I plan to tackle more WIPs.  The items with motifs will be a no-go, I'm quite confident in stating. Knitting mittens, decorations, items in specific colours?  Sure, why not??  This will definitely be one of the more fun challenges I've participated in.  Again, I will aim for that bonus challenge, but in weight and not yardage.  My first 343g is done!

Are you going to join???

Oh, almost forgot.... Let me leave you with a Feline for Friday Felines:

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Toni said...

Love the long "janies!" Now, just 2 more WIPs to go for your first WIP song fulfilled!