Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Clarify

There was a curious mind wanting to know about the tray Knit Wit was sleeping in (see previous post).  Let me assure you, if I had thought to leave it empty just for his royal highness, there would have been considerably fewer angry feelings.  The first time I found him on my plant shelf, I also discovered he had chewed a considerable amount of my streptocarpus and some African violets.  I was not happy.  I belong to an African Violet Club and our show is coming up in May.  Those plants that his taste buds rejected, he simply smooshed with his ample girth or completely knocked out of the tray and onto the floor.  I am was plenty unhappy.  So to prevent and further incidents I simply chose not to put other plants in that tray to suffer the same fate. I do want to enter at least one or two violets in the show.  Sigh.
That's me by the window in the blue apron at our sales table. In the foreground is the streptocarpus section.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Uhoh - it's funny (or not really funny) how they can take it upon themselves to "claim" spaces that aren't really theirs.
One of mine is obsessed with my coffee table, which is also my work table, so it's entirely covered in yarn and needles and beads an other knit things... but he's insistent about having to sleep on it - no matter how many things get pushed out of the way and onto the floor in the process! At least you were able to come to a compromise!

Toni said...

Oh no! How do they always know EXACTLY where you don't want a kitty to be?