Saturday, January 21, 2006

Preparing for the Olympics

There is evidence of swatching, er, training going on. A hat qualifies as a swatch, right? A true swatch just seems like such a waste of good wool. This will give me a better idea of timing, as well. It doesn't look like much, but admittedly, this a very reliable indicator of what I can expect from my knitting during the actual Olympics.

You see, I was watching Hockey Night in Canada. Ottawa vs. Toronto. (Gee, who do you think won?) As that relates to knitting, has anyone considered how much time can be lost to cheering??! And since MY (superior) team kept scoring and scoring and scoring some more, naturally I did a LOT of cheering, thereby losing knitting time. Ah, what we do for the love of sport. Ottawa Senators Rule!

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mack said...

just stopping in to say hi. What are the scoring points in knitting olympics? Color, time, stitching, pattern???