Friday, January 27, 2006

The 11 year old sweater wanna-be

Sad but true. I started this sweater 11 years ago. Many, many moons ago. When I was young and beautiful, without a care in the world. Or some such time. Anyway, except for this year, every new year's eve I would solemnly swear to finish this "thing". But still it sits in its pretty box, out of site out of mind.

Yesterday was cold. This morning the windchill made the snow squeak under my boots as I walked to the barn. And so the sweater is out of the box. I vow to knit the sleeves and finish this "thing" before my tulips bloom. I was going to say before the Olympic flame is lit, but as you may have figured out finishing is not my strong point. I love to knit, I hate to finish. It's so final. Let's not think on this anymore.


Anny said...

Oh, but Barbara, it is so beautiful! You must finish it ;0)

Infinitesimal said...

thanx for visiting.
Have you ever done "finger weaving'?
I used to know how to knit and crochet.....

It looks vey nice