Monday, February 06, 2006

Knitting madness

Knitting is an obsession. Can you tell? Visit Steph's brain child and bare witness. Over 2600 Olympians!! I kid you NOT!

My Knitting Olympics Event:

Snow Crystal Sweater from SandnesGarn Nr. 7: some assembly required!

I refuse to swatch with the official Olympic yarn (Peer Gynt). I am sure the gauge will be fine (she said before disaster struck with lethal precision). I swatched once. That's more than I ever do.

I have been training like a woman possessed. Less to do with my dedication and more to do with loss of mind. Remember a (long) while back, I started knitting that borrrrring sweater for a husband whom I love dearly? Well. I got as far as the shoulder shaping on the back piece. Then frogged the whole @%$^#&! thing. Yup. It was such slow going.... So in a moment of (in)sanity, I cast it back on, with my Olympic circular needle, ensuring, I said to myself, that not only would it knit up faster, and therefore present the perfect training opportunity, but also get finished before 2pm on Feb 10th, the official opening of the Knitting Olympics. That was a week ago. I am up to the armpits and about 7 (or was that 8) balls of yarn into it. Now I have to track down some dps and a shorter circular for the sleeves. Who's that Goddess of Knitting again? May she watch over me and save me from myself, should it comes to that.

Did I mention that tonight I kind of, sort of cast on a Lopi sweater? You know, just to train on the fair isle technique... Duh.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Barbara,
Just found your blog by doing a search for "team Nova Scotia knitting olympics" - honest!

I'm from NS as well.