Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Olympic Flame is Lit

After a faulty start, which consisted of frogging and beginning at stitch one, due to inadequate equipment (have you ever tried to knit some 265 stitches on 6 dps?? So not fun!) and my inability to count said 200+ stitches (I was off by more than a dozen! huh?), here is the progress report in pictures:
There was an upside to my horrible start: I discovered that I would be able to knit the smaller size (KNOCK ON WOOD!). Ok, a swatch would have told me that with less time wasted. But a lesson I did learn from the first swatch: see the cute stitch marker? Works wonders, I tell you!

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

Team Nova Scotia is rolling right along!
Glad you were able to get going, even with a bit of frogging. Can't wait to see your progress!