Monday, February 27, 2006


Or at least not yet. I will soon. Honest. Made some progress yesterday. But the defeat was energy-sucking.

Friday evening, there was still hope of finishing on time. Until Friday night.

After work I drove myself to the emergency room of the local hospital. My hand was swelling at an alarming rate. They told me: "...yeah, those cat bites are pretty terrible..." No, really?? A tetanus shot and 3 hours in the waiting room. I was starting to fall asleep. My hand was throbbing. I was getting hungry. And cranky... I'm not good at that hurry up and wait thing. They told me when I first got there I just needed a prescription... Yeah? And? Why was I still there 3 hours later? I rang the little bell and told the nurse I wanted my hospital card back because I was going home. Funny how fast that got a doctor to my site. 'Is it getting worse?' Yes. "Gee, that looks bad..." Really?? I couldn't tell! The first dose of drugs in my system, a prescription in my hand, I was out of there in less than 15 minutes. Had I known....

But there was this Saturday morning:

Resembles a puked-up hairball in technicolour, wouldn't you say?

It started as the first sleeve, about 20cm long, give or take.

Knitting with a swollen hand Friday night must have addled my brain, because where there was supposed to be a zigzag, I had diamonds. Now don't get me wrong, I like diamonds as much as the next woman, but not on my Olympic sweater. So there was that and the freaky-looking increases in a couple spots. Hubby said it looked fine. That's what convinced me to frog the damned thing. Can't trust a man!

As of last night, I have progress on two sleeves, maybe the length of pre-frogged one. I watched Grey's Anatomy and I knit. Grey's has a way of taking the blues away after the disappointment of not finishing.

Now I am off to taking my drugs and knit. This sweater will be worn to Ontario in a week!

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