Friday, February 24, 2006

Injured Knitter

@$&^&*%!!! I should have left the !#@*^% cat alone. I believed it was starting to settle down, get accustomed to us humans. Yeah, right. It bit me!!! It @#$!* bit me! (It certainly doesn't deserve a cute name like Truffles anymore. More like Demon from Hades!) Broke skin in four places with its needle-sharp little teeth. With knitting time quickly dwindling away, it feels like the proverbial sand through the hour glass, with the last grains within sight. Note that I finally finished the body, although I do not wish to discuss all the ends I have to weave in at this time. Make that EVER. Two sleeves in less than three days. Do-able. Sure. And I'm the Queen of this fairy land. I'm not giving up. As soon as the throbbing subsides in my hand (or not) I will cast on the sleeves. Both. At the same time. Delusional, that's me.

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Dorothy said...

Oh dear!! Hope your hand is OK. Bad kitty!

I've been following your sweater; it's beautiful.