Monday, January 16, 2006

We return to regularly scheduled Winter

The spring-like weather is gone. The earth is once again crusty with frost and the green grass of yesterday white-covered. And yes, it's snowing. And there is wind chill. Damn. Even though it rained on and off most of the day yesterday, I experienced a most thrilling natural high. I was so productive it was almost shocking. I mean, working in the garden? IN JANUARY??? Planting garlic and late-on-sale-purchased shrubs? Adding black earth to my flower gardens to cover sprouting bulbs in hopes of saving them from the sure-to-return frosts?? IN JANUARY???! Good grief! My pair of ducks were simply euphoric, waddling from one puddle to the next. The female has actually begun to lay eggs.

Oh, yes. Almost forgot. Darcy is a dud. No mid-winter lambs on this farm. Turns out I will have to find a ram to visit my woolly girls. Especially since I've come across a dozen lip-smacking, drool producing lamb recipes here.

The bunnies are a month old. Bouncy. Cute. Entertaining.
Well-handled (read: mauled by my kids often).

Then there is the Mazurka. Can patience be purchased? Where?
Is it expensive? Obviously just because my wheel is beautiful,
and just because I love my sheep and love to knit and love wool,
just because of all those reasons, the gods have decided that I need NOT need to learn the art of spinning the very first time I sit at my wheel. Well. Imagine that. So yes. I am going to need patience. Lots of it. Somehow, the first time I spun using my Turkish spindle, it just didn't seem so difficult. Hmmm. Or should I say Ommmm....

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Diane said...

Here's a few tips for a new spinner:
1. Practice treadling with no fiber involved to get used to the feel of your wheel.
2. Slow down on your treadling...just enough to keep the wheel moving is what you're aiming for right now. You can go faster when you get more comfortable.
3. Pre-draft your fiber so that you have opened up the fibers to let them slip past each other freely. Aim to pre-draft to the point where it's almost what you want to draw in while spinning.