Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Good Day

Lookie what came in the mail today! I am a happy, happy woman. One of a few awesome things I scored on eBay from an Ontario seller.

My own copy, at last. I've been obsessed with lace knitting for a while, now, but I have been having a difficult time finding good pattern books at LBSs. However, if I wanted a book to show me in great detail how to make a knit or a purl stitch, there are dozens on the shelves. What's up with that??

My niece Wiktoria (pronounced Victoria), cruising through Niagara Falls. She's almost 6 months. Isn't she a cutie patutie? Gush, gush...

My goofy brother (and top of his wife's head):

Lately I've been watching "How Clean is Your House". Have you seen it? Two British women taking people's homes by storm with cleaning bucket in hand, and whipping the place into a sparkling abode? I must admit the start of every show ready grosses me out, but the cleaning tips are quite good. I am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I tell you, this show got me off the couch, got me to put my knitting down, and shamed me into a cleaning frenzy! I could NOT HELP MYSELF!!

Something I don't see every day: I had just turned on the computer, the kids were coming through the door, and then I hear Mathew hollering "...there's a deer, there's a deer...."

"Where, where??!"

"..., just jumped over the fence, WOW..."


"...was in the front yard; LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!..."

And sure enough, when I ran back to my room, and looked out, there was this gorgeous doe prancing through the small side field, not deterred but electric wire in the least. She was beautiful, and big. Unfortunately, a perfect specimen for hunting season. But such is life when you live with a hunter. She's safe enough for now. What a sight she was!

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