Friday, August 11, 2006

Too Much of a Good Thing

Definitely. Too much of a good thing... is simply too much. And Too boring. This a sock for Colin, from the same batch of yarn as hubby's socks. Good grief, these are going slow. As much as I like the colours, I am bored out of my mind. I've been receiving packages all week of stuff I acquired on-line, and let me tell you, the pull is strong. Today I'll pick up another package from the post office, and get the privilege of paying duty on it. What is that free-trade crap about anyway??? Anyway. I don't want to turn this little post into a bitch session.

Hey... I started another job. Still doing tailoring 3 days a week, but now I am employed as a diamond pusher. That's not quite right. I am working in a jewelry store, helping people part with their hard earned money on shiny, pretty trinkets. I like it. The other ladies are great, and if it's a slow day, at least there's someone to talk to. And of course there's all that time I get to spend picking and choosing items to separate me from my money. I tell ya, the pull is strong. Didn't I already say that once?? I am so easily influenced. Gee.

This weekend is hubby's 40th birthday. I was planning a big surprise birthday party. Only to find out yesterday that he was talking to friends and inadvertently uninviting them. So I got mad and kind of spilled the beans. So now he knows and is trying not to interfere. Except for saying he won't there for it. Because he doesn't want a party. Liar. He'll love it.

Did anyone else notice that the days are getting shorter?? Damn. Once again I'm driving home from work in the dark. Double Damn.


Mary Anne said...

you made me laugh with your 'diamond pusher' job description :) I'm glad you are enjoying your work.

I think we humans are all easily pulled to new projects and new toys. The trick is not giving in. If you figure out how to do that, could you let me know???

Donna M said...

I bought a chain at Charm a week or so ago. Maybe you sold it to me?! How funny would that be?

I know the pull of wanting to start something new and fun but am too anal not to finish my Lily of the Valley shawl before I start my gorgeous turquoise one.

Have a great day!