Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smooth Sailing...

You may oooh and aah now! Not that I want you getting the idea I may have ego problems. Sometimes I just impress myself so much, I can't help it.
The colour work is done, and the rest should go smoother and hopefully a lot quicker. I think I managed to catch any mistakes I made and fix them. There were some. Serves me well for working on this last night and attempting to watch tv. I gave up around 11 pm with about 8 rows to go. I just didn't have it in me to go on. The house was so cold from this miserable cold snap and wicked wind. It's a marvel my hands didn't freeze. I had a blanket on me and was surrounded by cats, one even on my lap, and still it wasn't enough. Big fire going. Nope. Not enough. Same story this morning. You know it's cold when.... barn water freezes that I can't even turn the tap! Hauling water from the house for the animals is always such pleasure in these temperatures. I love being a farmer in the winter.


Ali P said...

Looking good!!!
Are you wearing hats and thermals to keep warm?

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful work!
I hope your weather warms up soon.