Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Even though I just posted a sock pattern on March Sweater Madness (see sidebar for link) that I want to make in a really "must have" kind of way, here is another one. Soooo lovely and doesn't even look all that difficult. Hee hee hee.

And I really do need more socks, especially pretty ones.

Hold that thought! There may be another pattern that I simply MUST make...

See that? I knew it! It's a good pattern day! I could dance. No. Better yet, I could go dig out some lovely sock yarn from the stash and start knitting!!

There is a slim possibility that, knowing Mother Nature and her shifty, sneaky ways, if I get really involved in some activity indoors, the rain will pass but I will be unable to tear myself away from my socks to go work on the garden!

A quick word about Sunday's outing to the big bad city. I forgot just how much I enjoy going to the theatre. And the city is not such a bad place, on a Sunday, in small doses.

Julie Martell played Belle, and Cogsworth was performed by Jeremy Webb; both were brilliant! For those of you here in NS, Beauty and the Beast will be at Neptune until first week of July. Well-worth the drive and the price of a ticket! I wouldn't lie to you. For a relatively small theatre, Neptune put on an incredibly professional production. I will make an effort to become a regular at Neptune, that's how impressed I was.

And a bonus! As we were walking back to the vehicles, guess where I stopped in with my group?? Hint: 1547 Barrington Street. No? Anybody hear of The Loop Craft Cafe? A small shop filled with luscious yarns and good quality needles (psst: you will be hard pressed to find any acrylic), with tables and chairs in the upstairs loft. Very sweet. Go. You'll like it.


Mary Anne said...

those socks are lovely designs. It looks like everyone had a great time on Sunday.

Dorothy said...

Was in the city on Tuesday for a trip with sons grade 6 class. We drove by The Loop, but the bus wouldn't stop for me to just take a quick run in and take a deep breath :(
Have you been to LK Yarns in the Hydrostone Market? Another nice shop.
Hummm ... Mary Anne likes those socks. Christmas is coming :)