Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After the Weekend

Weather notwithstanding, hubby and I "ran away from home" sans children and enjoyed a couple fun-filled days in adult company. While the guys fished in the rain, and provided our Sunday breakfast meal of fried rainbow trout (yummy!), us girls shopped, snacked, chatted, and put a nice dent in our wine stock. What else was there to do? When it wasn't raining, the black flies were so horrendous you'd swear they'd carry you away by their sheer numbers and ferocity.
BTW, that there is what the guys found in the trouts' stomachs. Isn't it cute? And it was alive, if you will believe that!

Yesterday I dropped the man/child at his friend's place in New Germany where he will be staying for the week, and hopefully manage to stay out of trouble while having good clean fun. (Yeah, right!) After, I carried on to visit with some neighbours from the old neighbourhood to catch up on gossip, and then carried on to Bridgewater to pick up my new-to-me sewing machines. I am now a proud owner of industrial hemmer and a 5-thread overlock. Let there be power and speed in my sewing room.

Naturally I felt compelled to stop and take a couple pictures during the day's travels. Springfield Lake is so picturesque.

This is New Canada Lake. Notice the pretty blue sky? Why couldn't the weekend have been this nice??

And today the rain is back. Good day to catch up on home sewing.


Ali P said...

WTF was that thing!!!??? Ew ew ew ew ew ewewewewewewwwwwwww.
Only kittens will make it better. KITTENS STAT!!

Desperate Housewife said...

Jesus, what in the the hell is that?!