Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From Chaos

I learned a lesson very recently. Life doesn't get simpler if one avoids making difficult decisions, or if one procrastinates dealing with difficulties or unpleasantness that may arise. Eventually chaos reigns supreme and one has to stop procrastinating, stop avoiding, and just deal with the cards that have been dealt. Take a deep breath. Drawn the line and say "enough is enough". Not that any of that is ever easy, hence the whole procrastination and avoidance nonsense. But hey, nobody promised me a rose garden.

That's all to say that I am dealing with a lot of crap that I did not want to face up to or work out. But I don't have my own fairy godmother. So of course I am up to my ears in unpleasantness that probably wouldn't have been so unpleasant if I had not procrastinated in the first place. Yeah, yeah. Lesson learned. At the same time I am trying to teach my kid this very same lesson. How ironic. Do as I say and not as I do. Blah. You make your bed, you better prepare to lay in it...


Have I mentioned that I am on a yarn diet, a fabric diet, a book diet? Do I need to state my obvious cravings? Good grief.

I have something else to share with you. Did you happen to see Yarn Harlot's post on October 24 th? Her big news? I left her a comment. There were already over 700 by the time I finished typing mine! Because of that I copied what I wrote. Ignore the gushing and skip over to the dream part...

"You rock!

You're my hero!

Don't take this the wrong way, but I have to admit I had a dream with you in it last night. Somehow I ended up getting off a bus in your neighbourhood and you invited me into your livingroom where there were many knitters sitting around and there were lots of knitting books on tables and lots and lots and lots of high quality yarn on the floor, and then you said: "Go on, roll around in it! We already did!"

Posted by: Barbara from Nova Scotia at October 28, 2008 5:20 PM"

Yup, that was my comment in it's entirety. It's absolutely true. She replied in a personal email to say that she could totally see that happening. But that's beside the point. The point, after I got to thinking, is this, or at least how I see it. I think the dream was a sign. NO, not to fly to Toronto and invade the Harlot's privacy, but perhaps I need to de-stress by surrounding myself with knitting books, and knitting friends and perhaps even gathering my yarn stash in one place (OH MY!!) and have a good roll around in it. Because that sure would seem like an escape from chaos and stress to me.

What say you?

On the knitting front, last night I completed knitting a Christmas gift for my youngest off-spring. I have to add some dazzle to it and that's one down. Then I have a sweater to create for second off-spring. And then roll around in my stash.


Dorothy said...

I say that if you want to roll in your stash then go ahead and roll in your stash!
Rolling in my stash would not be fun - there's a lot of little balls there ... and they'll all unroll and make a royal mess :)

Ali P said...

So what you are saying is that you want to roll around with soft balls.
Heh heh...
Why are you telling us? Just call the Husband!!!

Wokka wokka! thank you ladies and germs! I'll be here all week!!

lexa said...

That's too funny! She commented on my blog once. It said, "stephanie", and I clicked on it, thinking, "Nah, not THAT one." It was! I was sooo excited!

Short row heels aren't my favorite. There are so many methods, I find I get holes. BUT, the last couple of times I did it I used the instructions from rpm socks in Knitty, and I don't get any holes. I think they'll look better with more practice, but I still prefer top down, heel flap.

Dorothy said...

New post ... 4 pictures.
But how did you know that my grey is showing??