Sunday, December 21, 2008

About Simplicity

Simplicity is my friend. I just have to embrace it. Get over the need for the glitz and sparkle.

I recently signed out Mason-Dixon Knitting from the library. Now, admittedly, I have signed this book out before, flipped through it and was not in the least impressed. Not so this time. I read every word, envisioned yarns that I could use from stash for the projects. I was completely charmed. I enjoyed the straight-forward, conversational text, the simple but snazzy patterns. I've developed a yearning to knit hand towels with Euroflax; frankly, knit anything with Euroflax, which seems to be the yarn of choice for several of the creations. Maybe it's the quilt-inspired blankets (I'm still working on my first ever quilt and it's stealing time away from the knitting, and with these patterns I could combine the two), or maybe it's the grand idea of using recycled material for knitting. What's not to love? For now, I have to decide which of the great patterns I will try first. Also, I can't wait to get my hands on their new book.

A while ago I may have mentioned taking pictures of Christmas knitting completed. It's not going to happened. I wrapped everything and put the gifts under the tree. It's the only way I could reclaim my closet. I am pleased as punch to say that most of the gifts have been knit from stash, and even though my hubby will swear that the said stash could still qualify for its own postal code, it has been significantly reduced. 2 pairs of socks plus another pair almost done and another needing a mate, a shawl, a sweater, 3 berets (one already delivered and being worn) plus another half done on the needles, a pair of thrum mitts, 4 pairs of kid mitts, a long scarf, 2 hats. Also my Debbie Bliss sweater that only needs the sleeves. I meant for it to be my Christmas sweater but I wanted to make sure the real Christmas gifts were knit first. Not too bad for a couple months' knitting.

How is your Christmas knitting coming along?


Dorothy said...

WOW!! You have had very busy fingers!!!
My Christmas knitting is done. Still have part of a ball of dishcloth yarn around, and MIL is knitting that up for me :)
I'm working on quilting a crib quilt that hubby made for our niece Emily ... gotta have it done for her to take back on the 25th.

Caroline said...

You really have been productive. I like Mason-Dixon knitting too, but I haven't knit anything out of it. Maybe I need to look at it again.