Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Review

There was Christmas baking.

There was knitting at Christmas concerts (4 of them in all!). Not to mention an unfortunate incident with a runaway ball of wool, which eventually did get rescued with help from strangers sitting a row in front of me. (boy, oh boy, did that sucker roll!)

And post-concert photo ops: my two are on the left and their best buddies are on the right.

One ginormous Christmas tree.

A wool/mohair/bead shawl.

New sweater, scarf and mittens.

Some handknit socks at AliP's Boxing Day Party. There were others too, but wouldn't stay still for a photo op. More about the party (and alpacas) another time, or I'll refer you to AliP's place if she gets her update done first.


AliP said...

Those are some mighty fine looking knits!
I'm home, by the way!!!!

Caroline said...

(LOL) You made me smile about the runaway yarn. I was knitting in the doctor's office a couple of months ago, and a toddler decided to run off with a ball of yarn that fell out of my knitting bag. We were all laughing although I started to get nervous when she started winding it around people's legs.