Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Review

There was Christmas baking.

There was knitting at Christmas concerts (4 of them in all!). Not to mention an unfortunate incident with a runaway ball of wool, which eventually did get rescued with help from strangers sitting a row in front of me. (boy, oh boy, did that sucker roll!)

And post-concert photo ops: my two are on the left and their best buddies are on the right.

One ginormous Christmas tree.

A wool/mohair/bead shawl.

New sweater, scarf and mittens.

Some handknit socks at AliP's Boxing Day Party. There were others too, but wouldn't stay still for a photo op. More about the party (and alpacas) another time, or I'll refer you to AliP's place if she gets her update done first.


Ali P said...

Those are some mighty fine looking knits!
I'm home, by the way!!!!

Caroline said...

(LOL) You made me smile about the runaway yarn. I was knitting in the doctor's office a couple of months ago, and a toddler decided to run off with a ball of yarn that fell out of my knitting bag. We were all laughing although I started to get nervous when she started winding it around people's legs.