Monday, December 01, 2008

She Liked It

I put my PIF for Dorothy in the mail on Friday afternoon and she already received it. At least Canada Post can get the job done right within Nova Scotia. But that's a complaint for another day.

Now that this is in her hot little hands, I can show it off. I am glad Dorothy liked it. I love it myself. I want one for myself. It's a good thing it didn't stay in my possession a moment longer, or it might have stayed with me permanently. The flap cables came from a really neat book (which I can't remember the title of to save my life) that I borrowed from the library, and the rest I sort of fudged my way through. The original pattern was turning out quite wide and making the bag heavier, and much bigger, than I intended since I was using two strands of wool throughout. I felted it gently and I really like that this bag will be quite waterproof without any nasty plastic. I lined the bag with a cotton print fabric and light-weight fusible interfacing to give the bag some body. I did machine stitch the lining in, because I was worried that hand-stitching wouldn't hold up to the wear and tear. I think it's safe to say that this won't be the last bag of it's kind to come off my needles.

In other knitting news, first born has caught the knitting bug and I am thrilled. His single minded focus is a joy to witness. My youngest, on the other hand, has learned to cast off this morning. Oh, the thrills have no end here today!

Look at that concentration!

In other news: I had a "slight" quilting accident. I am blaming this one on the husband. I was using a rotary cutter while he was standing over me and watching. You ever get that feeling of extra weight on you when someone is watching you craft, whatever it may be? Yeah. I was trying to ignore him, but I was in a hurry too. Bad combination. "Supper will be ready very soon", he says and finally walks away. Within 30 seconds (I would kid you not!) I sliced that cutter right across the top of my thumb. I moved fast, let me tell you! I ran up those stairs to the kitchen and got my thumb under cold water.... The blood was already dripping into my other hand as I tried not to bleed all over the floor (no, I did not need extra housework, thanks for asking), while husband is freaking out "what happened? Let me see... LET ME SEE!...."

I just wanted a band aid. "Let me SEE..." while now the tea towel was turning a lovely shade of red. Right about then I lost it, told him to get out of my way (while he was starting to head for his truck for "his good first aid box". Grrrrrr. I managed to cut some gauze and fold it up to fit my thumb, slapped some antibiotic ointment on the gauze and sealed the mess with a couple band aids. Holy throbbing pain. To my credit, I did not bleed a drop on my daughter's quilt in the making. I am down to a single band aid today. No, I am not showing you guys the damage. It's gruesome. I can still knit, thank my lucky stars.

Get this: when I told hubby it's a good thing that I could still knit to keep my sanity, or things would be rather unpleasant until I recovered, my first born says, and I quote, "it's OK Mom, I can knit for you, you taught me how."


lexa said...

Love the bag! Lucky lady!

It's nice to see them take an interest in knitting. Too bad about the accident -- I can feel it. Ouch! Wasn't she thoughtful to say she'd knit for you. :)

Ali P said...


Dorothy said...

I am feeling your pain!!
I'm going to go the lazy route and put a link to your pictures in my blog for now :)

Pam said...

That bag is really lovely!!!