Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crap Happens

Yeah, a swatch might have helped. Hubby said, "...but you're good at this stuff. What happened??"

I really didn't want to tell him that lazy happened.

So I spent the evening ripping instead of knitting. And cyphering. And re-casting on with 80 fewer stitches. 80! Which I still had difficulty counting, because crap happens to the best of us. After two hours I barely had an inch of ribbing, so I gave up the fight and went to bed.

Today is another day, and I have hope that things will progress a bit smoother. After all, look who visited our yard this morning:

I love cardinals. Love, love, love.
Anyone want to venture a guess at what kind of bird that is? The orange belly makes me think it's a robin, but hubby disagrees because of the white bottom.


lexa said...

Will have to consult the bird book when I get home. My mother has cardinals that come to her feeders all the time for the past couple of years. She just lives up around the corner from me, and I've never had one at my feeder. She loves them. I get bluejays and pigeons. Actually the other morning I had a whole flock of somethings, a flock of finches, and a woodpecker. The Oldest One says it was a woodpecker, I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't tell.

Wow, that's a BIG sweater! Room for you and a friend, lol!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for the laugh that the sweater gave me :)
I have a couple of new pictures up for you to see. I'm trying hard to be a better blogger, really I am! :)

Pam said...

LOL! Oh, that's happened to me with my gauge before.

I love cardinals too..great picture.

Anonymous said...

Gauge doing mischief on you? Had this several times:). Great pic of something that will happen to every knitter eventually (or is there anyone always doing the swatching??)