Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Warsaw

Mistletoe. The real thing, found all over trees in Warsaw. Much nicer to smooch under than the plastic stuff, I imagine. (Although I'd have to research if mistletoe is strictly a North American Christmas tradition. Just because this parasite grows there in so many trees, doesn't mean its part of country's tradition. I sure don't remember it as such from my early Christmas memories when we lived in Poland.)

Edited to add this interesting link about the history of mistletoe.

Fountain Lights at the base of the Siren Statue in
Old Town

During the holiday season, in the months of December and January, there were areas of the city, mainly in Old Town and New World, decorated to the nines with lights. In many areas of downtown where during the summer months you'd see water spouting to the sky from the numerous fountains, now you'd be treated to a spectacular replica in lights. Unfortunately, this is the only photo that turned out.

I love Warsaw. Although its population is estimated at 1.75 million people, the city is well laid out with an excellent public transit system of trolleys, buses and now a metro line. The neighbourhoods cater to its residents' basic needs, from grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores, pharmacies, schools, post offices, flower shops and gas stations, to bakeries and news agents shops. The only thing that seems to be truly lacking is parking space. Since my last visit in 1994, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of private vehicles on the road, hence the parking shortage, despite the hideous cost of cars. Apparently it's still less expensive to purchase a vehicle in North America, even after paying for shipping and duty.
I love that the bakeries have freshly baked goods available every single day. A five-minute walk is a small price to pay for delicious breads and rolls and pastries, at a fraction of the cost that we pay here. And such nice presentation with seasonal paper and a ribbon. It all just begs you to indulge in a little (or a lot of) sweetness.

A neighbourhood bazaar


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Look at those pastries! Yummy! Gorgeous fountain. Keep the pictures coming. :)

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