Monday, June 08, 2009

Blog SOS

This is a cheater of a post, in other words something really short, just to say I haven't given up on this blog thing.

To summarize the past weeks:

  1. Cleaning;
  2. Mother visited from Ontario for a week (highly stressful week of anticipation prior to her arrival;
  3. Yard work, and lots of it;
  4. Daughter's Spring Concert;
  5. Knitted 6 pairs of socks for hubby, 1 pair for self, another pair for him almost complete;
  6. Cleaning (OMG!);
  7. Three days with bare minimum bathroom facilities while the old tub was ripped out and new tub and surround were installed by hubby and me;
  8. More cleaning;
  9. A day of doctor appointments and a trip to the Crescent Beach;
  10. Worry about Sam, aka my favourite cat, who seems terribly skinny (vet said not to worry), worry that his end story will be the same as Pointdexter's. The positive side so far is that he is still eating and is definitely not dehydrated.

Toddler picture of Sam.

All grown up.


lexa said...

Sam is a cutie!

That's a lot of socks knit -- looking forward to seeing some pictures. :)

Ali P said...

He is so beautiful. What does the vet think the problems are? Did they run tests?
I ordered some Tuffy today.

Lene Andersen said...

OMG, the beach! And OMG, the socks!

Best wishes for Sam.

Pam said...

Hoping all is well with Sam. He's so cute!

Holly said...

Just glad to know that you are still there!