Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dumb Ass

After all that glee over spontaneous baby kimono knitting, I went and slammed up again the idiot wall. Must be because the knitting fates didn't want me to get too big for my britches. Especially since I tinkered with a perfectly good pattern and tried to turn the kimono into a sweater. That'll teach me. Maybe. But I will never start another project without checking my yarn quantities.

Wanna see?
First check out the amount of yarn left on the ball. Now notice the amount of sweater still in need of knitting? Yeah. And I don't have any more of this colour. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Hope the water in the frog pond is warm.

This is the first one.

With the seriously cute buttons.


lexa said...

Love those buttons!

I don't think we've got that color of Cottontots in stock. You could always hang onto it til you can get another skein. It's cute.

Dorothy said...

Those buttons are too cute!

could you finish the other side of the sweater a different color? Call it a designer original?

Pam said...

D'Oh! That's happened to me with a project before.

Seriously cute kimono though!

Caroline said...

Awwww! That's so sad. I'm seriously frowning as I type this.

The other sweater is darling though and so are those buttons.