Thursday, June 25, 2009

Humidity Hell

I don't often complain about the weather. Honest. But seriously? I'm quite certain that the major reason I haven't moved back to Ontario, where my mom and brother with his family live, is to avoid their hellish summers. I'm not cut out for dealing with humidity. I am weak. I like that I can drive 10 minutes and be enjoying the cool ocean breezes. Unfortunately a jaunt to the ocean is not possible when there is stuff that just has to be done. It's hard to vacuum, or wash the dishes, or do the laundry, or sweep the floors when you're not actually and physically in the house. Damn. At least the kids are out with their friends so technically I suppose I should be able to get my work done that much faster. If I wasn't on the computer that is, bitching about the weather.

I may be acting a bit self-indulgent and like a drama queen when I say that I barely survived yesterday, and today is no better. The air is so saturated with moisture it's practically inhumane. (God help those people that have locked their pets outside or in vehicles on such a day!) There is no point in hanging out laundry because I doubt that it would dry. Good thing I'm relatively healthy. I can't imagine what it must feel like to people with breathing problems. At least I live in a place where I have access to clean drinking water, that I don't have to boil first.

Because as a friend kindly pointed out a while ago, with me, the weather thing is personal.


lexa said...

I'm glad to see the sun, but I hate this mugginess!

Ali P said...

Invest in an air conditioner for the very worst days/nights? If you shut up the house and run it it dries out the indoors a bit to make it better when its real bad. We have a window one but its not in yet. I don't like having it in the bedroom (LOUD) but there is only one other window that would take it (Cam's room). I'd like to put ours in his room and then get a much smaller/quieter model for our room because where his bedroom is, it would actually help cool the house.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I try to keep the house shut up as much as possible with the curtains closed. We have a couple good fans, and use them to keep the air moving. I don't want to get an air conditioner. We had one and besides the environmental costs, the thing was loud, obnoxious, and it didn't exactly make our power bill shrink.

We make do. When worse gets to worst we'll sleep down in the basement or family room, where it's always cooler by a few degrees.