Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Knitty is Here

I found my next sweater pattern to knit! Miss Honeychurch from Knitty rocked my world. I love it! I don't have hemp in my stash and so I hope that this pattern will work as well done in cotton. I am very excited about this pattern.

For socks, Outside In is also lovely, and I am adding it to my queue, along with Cookie A's Summer Sox. It's a free pattern for Classic Elite.

Because I have commitment issues and rather look forward to starting something new, than finishing my umpteen UFOs.


lexa said...

Thanks for notifying us! I've been looking every day for the new Knitty. :)

Beth said...

I'm planning to do Miss Honeychurch in Knit Picks CotLin. My concern with 100% cotton would be that the weight would cause the sweater to pull out of shape.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I'm on the heel of my first Summer Sox. It's an easy pattern to memorize!

Oh, and I replied to your 'screens off' question in the comments of my last post. It was a great question, and I wish I had a better answer. :)