Thursday, September 03, 2009

Full Day

It was bound to happen eventually. Since I don't work outside the home anymore I've gotten used to hanging around the house, getting things done in my own good time, meaning eventually, maybe. I do get these inexplicable bursts of energy, but honestly, not that often. That's when the floors get scrubbed to within an inch of their life; laundry gets washed, hung up (outside weather permitting), brought in, sorted, folded and put away in their respective owners' drawers; dishes and dishwasher get dealt with from start to finish (usually I wash pots and stuff too big for the dishwasher, and load the dishwasher since my family seems to be only capable of locating the counter above the dishwasher upon which to stack dirty dishes, and one kid dries the hand-washed stuff and the other unloads and puts away dishwasher stuff, not necessarily where they belong), and then the counters and washcloths even get bleached to kill any creepy crawlies (just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there!) During this energy bonanza I also tend to move furniture and clean/wash/vacuum under there (and what treasures I unearth sometimes). Even the dog stays out of my way as soon as she sees that bucket and mop! Beds linens get changed and beds made. Holy cow! I'm getting tired just writing about all this stuff! But then there is walking or biking to the post office (no home delivery) and the library, possibly the local grocery store. Getting dinner started. Even mixing up a batch of bread. Yes, I do have days like that, but as I stated earlier, not too often, thank goodness.

Now I do have a point here. See, on those extremely productive days, others can't help but notice that work that has been done. Today wasn't one of those days although I feel completely exhausted. Got up early to get kids ready for school and get myself ready for the road (it's not unusual for me to spend better part of the morning in jammies; after all, the vacuum doesn't care if I'm dressed up and neither does my washing machine). As soon as the kids took off, I grabbed my knitting and a book, and hurried out the door since hubby was already sitting in the truck waiting for me. We were to drive to the city with a pitstop at Sawler's for veggies (50lbs of beets, 25lbs of onions, 10lbs of carrots and turnips). All because hubby managed to squeeze in a 4-day fishing trip to the Miramichi with his buddy and didn't want to leave me without a vehicle. Very thoughtful. However, sitting on the highway for over half hour was not what I'd call a real treat. I know. I shouldn't complain. At least they are actually working on expanding that section before Windsor. Once we got into Sackville and I got a lecture on paying attention to the signs so I wouldn't get lost coming back that way on Monday, we arrived at his buddy's new home where I got a full tour of the new digs (very, very nice) and we visited for a short while. Then I had to get back on the road. A quick pitstop at Staples to pick up some forgotten school supplies first. Not enough time to swing into Bedford and take advantage of the sales at Fabricville. But that's not to say that I didn't take advantage of the Discount Fabric Store in Avonport which was right on the way. Unfortunately, it turned out that the powers-that-be decided to resurface the road leading to the store too, therefore making me sit and wait for the "Follow Me" truck, again, wasting precious time. After all that, sale fabric I did get, as well as having a slight falling down in the Briggs&Little section of the store. Then I chatted with the nice flag guy while waiting again for the "Follow Me" truck, and finally (almost directly) boogieing for home. Hey, we were all out of milk so I definitely needed to stop for that, and since good ice cream was on sale... Needless to say I haven't exactly been losing weight lately.

I got lucky. The kids beat me home only by 20 minutes and definitely luckily that wasn't enough time for them to set the house on fire. Good thing I thought to give the older, supposedly more responsible one, a key. Notice the nice fish guy is a couple doors down at a neighbours and trot over then for some very fresh Haddock. Yum. Supper planned just like that. By then it was barely 3:30pm. Unload the truck. Turns out that 50lbs of beets is quite a bit heavier than it looks. Check messages. Run back out to the post office and library. Cook supper. Send the kids out to play for an hour of peace to wash dishes and tidy up. Put on first pot of beets.

About the beets: I've discovered a few years back that if you cook the beets until they're about three quarters way done, then peal the skins off (wearing rubber gloves) while beets still very hot, which makes them slide off practically by themselves, bag and freeze them in meal-size portions. I love beets. I don't love buying imported beets out of season for a ridiculous price, so I store enough to last until next summer. Talk about local eating! That's what I do with carrots too, except I actually cut them up first and cook them much less, maybe only 5 minutes once they've come to a boil. Again, locally grown produce through the dead of winter.

So, the day is still not over. Change 25% of water in the fish tank and add medicine to the water. One of the fish has got weird spots on its body that didn't go away after the first treatment. If this doesn't cure it, I suspect that my son will be very sad, if you get my meaning. Check email. Kids not home at appointed time. Grab helmet and backpack, and bike to the park. Order kids home. A full moon is already visible even though the sun is just going down. Stop at grocery store for a couple things, walk out with more than planned on. Bike home, send one to the shower, the other to homework. Peel first batch of beets. Put second batch on to boil. Supervise homework. Scoop out ice cream for dessert, but virtuously bypass serving some to myself after remembering a donut indulgence this morning at a stop for coffee (oops). Stash first batch of beets in freeze (with much glee). Quick chat with hubby; they have arrived and are setting up the camper. Tuck and kiss kids good night. Check on Sam. He's once again on the downward slide, refusing all food. Very sad.

Updating blog. Beets should be cooled enough to handle. Must make self walk up stairs, finish beets and fall into bed. Not forget to set alarm.


lexa said...

Wow! I thought I had a busy day yesterday! Once my boys left for school I cleaned their rooms which took three hours. Then I went to town to do a few errands, home to mow the lawn, got interrupted several times doing that, so it took awhile, then I found out that there was a corn boil at the church like twenty minutes before it was supposed to start. Finished the lawn and went to the corn boil, cooked some stuff for Hubs for work next week, washed dishes, did laundry, read the stuff the kids brought home from school and fill out papers, get lunchboxes somewhat ready for today, pick out clothes for today... I still have to mop, clean fish tanks, wash my mini blinds, do some much needed sewing repairs, and will have more laundry to do Monday when we get home from the camper!! I don't know how the kids felt yesterday, but the day just flew by for me. :)

Ali P said...

LOL...I tried to call yesterday because I had a child..uuummm...not emergency but was looking for advice on a situation. LOL I will fill you in later.
That was a very ful day. I did a load of laundry and took a nap....I think thats it. I have tomatoes waiting for freezer bagging but I have to wash them first and you know, thats a na extra step...sigh....LOL

Maria said...

Wow! I hope you're sitting on your backside knitting today!

Heddy said...

I have been thinking about your beets post since you wrote it ... we love beets (pickled or just as a cooked veg), and I want to freeze some too ... so - when you use the frozen beets, what do you do ? Do you boil them up in a pot, or let them thaw in the fridge then rehea them? I like to make harvard beets, and don't know if they are frozen with the skins off, then boiled in water if they will lose their colour? I appreciate your advice on this (I have a coupla 5 lb bags I want to freeze.