Friday, September 11, 2009

Pat Pat on My Back

I couldn't resist the self-congratulatory pat on the back. I was mother-hear-me-roar this morning. In a good way.

Last night before going to bed I realized I didn't have any snacks left to pack for the kids' lunches. What a disaster, I thought to myself. I knew I didn't have any small change to give them to buy anything either. So. After husband delivered my morning coffee to me in bed, which I ignored for all of 5 minutes, I managed to crawl my arse out of bed, and tromped down to the kitchen. Conveniently I had borrowed a nifty book from the library that saved the morning. Company's Coming Most Loved Cookies by Jean Pare. If you find it in your travels, don't pass by without purchasing it. It rocks! After flipping through several pages for something quick, easy and most importantly that I had the ingredients for, I found the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Absolutely fabulous! Light and delicious. Divine! Honest.


Ali P said...

Nom! Nom nom nom!!!!

Holly said...

You are an amazing mom. Your children are well loved, but probably do not appreciate you enough.

Me, I would have packed carrots and celery.

No, I take that back, I would have made them pack their own lunches (in which case, the fight about who took the last cookie would have warned me the morning before!)