Wednesday, September 28, 2011


At least it's not summer anymore. I would have been much more cranky if there was frost in summer. Hubby must have known I wouldn't believe him so he dragged me out of bed at 6:20am, giving me only enough time to throw on a bathrobe, and told me to "Shhhh" as he led me outside. I figured there were deer in the garden like the last time he pulled this kind of stunt (about a year ago). I mean, it was still dark outside, for pete's sake! But oh no. He put my hand on top of the truck roof and asked me, " So what do you think of that?" Thoughts of hurting him were rather immediate. What I thought of the thick layer of frost I felt under my hand? It's a darn good thing I've been knitting mittens and hats for the past three weeks. Three pairs of mittens and two hats done so far. I will keep knitting them until I run out of stash (HAHAHAHA!) or I get bored of knitting hats and mittens. I am also half way on a cowl, just a simple mistake rib. I give it another month or so before I'm ready to get back to sweater knitting.


lexa said...

We haven't had frost here yet, but it has been darned chilly out some mornings and a heavy dew. I hate it, lol.

I'm working on hats, too. I also should probably haul out the bag of Newfoundland mittens I started for the boys last winter and never finished, lol. I must admit mittens are my most favorite thing to make for some reason.

Caroline said...

Ha, ha, well, that's much better than my husband who woke me up last Saturday at about six to go look at the dog...because his eye "looked funny." I get up at 5:00 A.M. every school day, and he had the nerve to short-change me on a Saturday morning. Oh, and the dog just had a sty or something like that. I'd be sooo excited to see frost:)

Ali P said...

I have a hat on the needles for when Richard goes to sea next (Mission Falls superwash merino in a nice 3 colour rag) but when I cast on I was too stingy. So there I was at KnitEast with my friend Elaine and while she worked on a lovely shawlette, I frogged and restarted a basic 3 and 2 rib watchcap. I added the second skein tonight and it better see me through because there is no more of taht one in the stash. :oD