Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mad Scare Yourself Halloween Dash!

Apparently, I'm a joiner.  It's been some time so I almost forgot.  But then Toni over at A Little Yarn on The Side had this nifty idea to get the needles moving again.

"Halloween is just over 2 months away, and what better way to frighten a knitter than to do one or more of the following:

  1. Knit 4,000 yards before Halloween
  2. Knit up the most challenging pattern in your queue.
  3. Use the most difficult yarn in your stash--mohair, splitty, so black you can’t see even the biggest garter stitch--whatever is most difficult.
  4. The personally-scares-you challenge of your choice.
Complete one, two, or all as the mood takes you!"

That's a direct quote from her blog.  I think you should play along too, after you pop over to visit her at her blog and say Hi.

I think I will start my Dash tomorrow.  I haven't touched knitting needles in close to two weeks, with this past week being a complete write off since my Mom was visiting.  Frankly, I've kind of slacked off once I finished that second pair of Kroy FX socks.  I have all kinds of TV series on DVD  as background noise so it's just a matter of finding fitting projects.  I have way too much mohair in my stash still, even after the King sized bedspread.  I think I will pick a lace project to work on once the kids start back to school and my days are blissfully quiet again.  And I "need" a cardigan or two.  And then I could start working on some Christmas gifts...

Yesterday, I remembered how much I like sewing.  Mom had brought all sorts of items that were in need of alterations, and I worked some miracles if I do say so myself.   

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow - that's quite the challenge! Good luck!