Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shorter days

With less and less brilliant leaves clinging to their branches it's hight time to get into winter knitting.
My daughter told me I have to stop knitting things she likes if I want to keep them for myself.  Does that mean that I am destined to end up only with ugly knits?? Doesn't seem right. 
This hat counts towards the Mad Halloween Dash, even if I will never reach that finish line.  Knit from handspun merino, it's really soft and cozy!  46 grams' worth subtracted from 2824g leaves me with 2778 g to go.  I did forget to weigh the hat and thrum mitt set I made for a friend's birthday, so that and a pair of socks would bring that total down, as well as the wool long johns I'm working on for myself, although it will be a while yet before they are done (I'm about mid-thigh on both legs).


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's definitely chilly around here! The hat is lovely. Maybe you'll just have to make two of everything!

Toni said...

Ha! Don't feel bad--it was my own challenge and I STILL missed it by about 400 yards. On to the holiday one!