Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lopi and Cats

Lopi. From Iceland. Really. Brought it back all by myself. Not by the postwoman. How cool is that? I loved Iceland. Wish I had spent more time there. The hot springs: wow! And Hot! Image, eh? Anyway, this stuff knits up pretty fast, pattern is not terribly complicated, and I love the colours. That's the back all done and a good start on both fronts. Yes. I will be wearing it this fall and winter and whenever. It's not gonne get to be 18 years old unfinished. Truly!

Apparently Thomas felt he didn't have enough room and HAD to stick his fat feet on James.
James on the other hand looked like he was going to bite his feet off for such an offence.

I could have sworn he winked at me!


Mary Anne said...

Wow, that sweater is awesome and the colours are gorgeous! You are so very talented.

Thomas & James (love those names) are two cool cats.

lexa said...

Iceland?!?! Too cool! That's actually one place I'd like to go. (I'd like to go different places than the "normal" vacation spots!)

Plan on going to the Big Ex on Sunday for bracelet day if the weather cooperates! The kids are excited to go.

Elizabeth said...

I just love the colors of your Lopi. That's so cool you were in Iceland - it must be beautiful out there.