Saturday, July 08, 2006

The (Mighty) Lahave River
"Dog-Breath" neverendingly fascinated by baby bunnies

Isn't it CUTE?? No name. But definitely showing angora. YA-HOOO!


Josette said...

la la la! What a cutie. Course, I am totally biased and bordering on fanatic with angoras these days. I must say, they are easier to reason with than a 200+lb. sheep! Oh, and in answer to your question on my blog - YES, but very very large amounts, my dear - and prolonged usage. Eventually, it all blends together and everything is beautiful. then, you knit, and people are nice to you because YOU WIELD A POINTY STICK!

Mary Anne said...

oooh that bunny is gorgeous! what a sweetie. and the fur is nice too :o)