Saturday, July 08, 2006

There was Knittin' goin' On

I've been knitting. And then I've been finishing stuff I knitted and then I've been thinking about knitting other stuff. On the left are socks for my son, Colin, who will be turning eight in a few short weeks. Crazy stripes with navy for cuffs, heels and toes in 6 ply. They're nice and bright. He should like them considering that I caught him wearing Briggs and Little Tuffy socks earlier this week! And Wiktoria's socks are actually done now, toes grafted and everything. I think that's going to be a Christmas present. They look a little big, but my brother told me she's growing like a weed and just recently started crawling (and getting into everything!). Good for her!

I managed to seam one side of this skirt-wanna-be, to realize a definite problem. Apparently I can't measure, or count, or most likely both. One piece ended up about 2.5cm too long. I am trying to unpick one row (slow going, holy @#^%#!) to even things up. When that's done, I'll cast off and carry on like I didn't screw things up in the first place. A lot of that going on around here.

Good news: I found a home for the 18-year old sweater. I gave it to the woman I bought my sheep from. Not exactly forced her to take it to do with what she will, but close.

And for your amusement, sheep sheering outtake:


Mary Anne said...


both pairs of socks are lovely. I esp. love the stripes. and that sheep sheering photo is hilarious!

Ruth.... said...

hehe...Hi Barbara! I couldn't resist leaving a comment! Your sheep pic has made my day...I'm wondering which of you is having the most fun! Thanks for popping into my blog..Regards, Ruth.

Donna M said...

I love the socks! But my question is......did you actually cut that gray piece with scissors and then pick up the stitches?!
Also love the trigger mitts. I should try them for my son in law.
Thanks for the visit and I am posting my shawl progress soon.