Monday, November 12, 2007

It Didn't Rain

Every Remembrance Day in my memory has been a somber and very rainy event.

This year, this was Remembrance Day, Lest we Forget. Even during power outages, let us never forget our war heroes. They fought for us. For Peace. For Freedom.

Question: why don't people wear the poppy year round?

There has been knitting. Socks for me. Isn't this a fabulous colour? Makes me think of spring.

These are going to be socks for hubby, with their super duper extra squishy comfort heels.

And this sweater for Colin needs a zipper, a collar or hood, and a bit of finishing. It's made of 100% wool, and he proclaimed it soft, on bare skin! There is something to be said for small victories. (At the moment, he's quite P-O-ed at me because there is no milk in the house.) Do I need to point out how short lived these victories are? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Have you seen this? A Glass Spinning Wheel by Andy Paiko Glass. Amazing!

And what's a blog post without some kitten cuteness?

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Ali P said...

This was an awesome post! Much pictures and catching ups. Thats the same yarn I was calling "turquoise" and you were calling mossy so I do have a skein of THAT yarn. :oD
The cat in the sweater picture is adorable as is kitten!!