Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank You So Much

I received a big envelope in the mail... I had to check the mailbox after Alison asked if I received anything interesting in the mail lately. Got me curious so I finally crawled my (still)sore behind out of my warm comfy bed and trudged down the hill to the box. Lest you think that I'm a completely lazy slob, I had by then done all my barn chores, and made two big pots of drop noodles (it's a Polish thing), then crawled back into bed with a book to rest my screaming muscles. Anyway, no picture, but trust me when I say, I found some fabulously fresh bay leaves from her own bush, and a couple recipes, and.... Some totally cute stitch markers! Squeee! Soooo cute!! Trust me. Love you Alison! You're totally the best.
Gotta get ready for work. Picture tomorrow, maybe.

1 comment:

Ali P said...

Love you too, Basia. Hope you enjoy the bay leaves and markers.