Saturday, November 03, 2007

...The Sky Is Falling, The Sky is Falling...

Not really, but the hurricane (post tropical storm) is getting closer and letting itself be felt. When it first started raining around lunchtime, most of our storm preparations were done. Except for the laundry. I've been doing laundry for a better part of the day just to get caught up and so we don't get caught without clean panties and socks if there is a lengthy power outage. We were scheduled to have a showing tomorrow as well, but in the late afternoon hubby finally came to his senses and allowed me to call our real estate agent to cancel. I mean, jeez louise! Let's show a house at it's worst, why not? On the other hand, it could have been a good thing to show the house still standing and everything intact. I wasn't quite willing to bet on our getting through this storm unscathed.
Oh, here comes the lightening. We lost power for a few moments just as we sat down to eat dinner. My biggest concern? I had bread in the oven with at least another 15 minutes of baking to go! Hey, I gotta be prepared. But now, we're good to go. We got milk, lots of water, four very fresh loaves of bread, lots of sandwich fixings, and the eliminator is charged up and ready for service. Emergency radio and flashlight (crank type) at the ready. Candles--check. Animals inside? Yup. Except the cows. I'd like to see this storm try to move those two! Cancel last. No, I'm not asking for trouble. Nope, nope, not me.

Here's a news flash! I was chit-chatting with Marilyn and Crystal at the library (SSRL Bridgewater) and naturally conversation turned to knitting, and I may have mentioned that it would be nice to get a knitting group going at the library, and they said, "...sure, you could use the conference room....". Almost too easy. But is that not a great idea or what??? It could be a great place to get together to work on secret Christmas presents! So, anyone interested? Any ideas on days or timings? I would prefer either mornings of Wed, Thurs, Friday. The others days, it wouldn't matter what time, just dependent on when the room would be available. I could distribute some posters, maybe advertise over the radio. Because we all know that knitting groups don't have to be held in knitting stores--too much distraction, not to mention that we all probably have lots of yarn to work with already... (Wow, lightening!) So I'll think on it this weekend, what's left of it, and post the details here once everything is confirmed with the library. It'll be great to meet other local knitters! (Wow, double wow! That lightening and thunder now are getting close!)

It's starting to sound nasty out there. Heart racing.... Better sign off before this post is fried...
Take care!


Ali P said...

Oooh!! OOOOH! Over here!!!
I gots a idea. Ravelry should have south shore knitters riiiiiight?
So, you start a Ravelry group for SouSho chicks with sticks and oprganise via the 'net...and flyers at the library.
Oh Gods I wish I was there. Remember when we tried to start one at the shop? Now that you have the R!(ravelry) and the library gals, nothing can hold you back. Go B go!!!!!!

Ali P said...

Oh and put flyers at the Family Resource center too.
10 AM or 1 PM are pretty good times but remember, some knitters work so maybe an evening would work to your advantage (though the library is only open Thursday nights right? hmmm)
Ok I am done meddling