Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Another creation completed. 100% wool raglan, seamless construction, my original design, destined for the Candle in the Window (for sale). Many thanks to my gracious model for allowing me to take numerous pictures while he roasted and teetered on the edge of spontaneous combustion in the sweltering heat.

Close-up of sleeve pattern.
The sweater is blocking after a thorough soak. The top photo shows the truer colour.

I also cast on some ankle socks, at long last. I've been meaning to make at least a couple pairs since I haven't been able to wear any shoes lately with bare feet without getting painful blisters. They're so fast, maybe I'll make a pair for each day of the week. One is already done, the other half-way through the heel flap. Silly daughter already tried to abscond with the first one, throwing over her shoulder: "cozy!" with much glee. I don't think so! Mine, I say. And yes, indeed, I am fickle. The mitten is temporarily on hold. Socks are a more immediate need.

Finally, here are some photos of my Ink and Paper Swap Gift. Totally awesome.

Jayme (Chiquitadequeso on Ravelry) sure got my number! Yarn in my favourite colours, 2 packs of gorgeous stationary, dark chocolate (how did she know that's my favourite?!), grapefruit bath fizzies, post cards from Santa Barbara, Irish breakfast leaf tea, blotting paper, and fountain pen ink in Rose Cyclamen. Love it all!


teabird said...

Rose cyclamen is one of my favorite ink colours! It has just enough saturation to be readable, and not enough to be garish. Enjoy!

Jayme said...

I did have to search around some forums to find a good pink ink, so I'm glad it's got a teabird seal of approval! (Also, the blotting paper may also be unbleached tea bags, in case you don't have anything for loose leaf tea.)

Ali P said...

That is some sweater B! Nice work.