Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a Small Wonder, Really

On Friday evening I took my first flight post 9/11. I was mostly prepared for the increased security which is to say that I chose not to pack any liquid in my carry-on, just to save the hassle. I verified with the nice man that issued me my boarding pass if the security people would be tempted to confiscate my Pony needles that I was knitting Colin's cable socks with. The answer was no. I was much relieved. The guy went so far as to say you're even allowed those BIG plastic needles that are This long (he was holding his hands at least two feet apart, I kid you not!). So it would seem that knitters are a revered group, and the security people have decided that the other passengers would be safer with us and our needles That are THIS BIG, than to have us on the aircraft without knitting needles. I like it. I plan on pushing my luck today, though, and see if they will attempt to separate me from my Addi circs. The Debbie Bliss sweater is missing half a sleeve at this point and I plan on wearing it in Poland. If worse comes to worst, I still have room in my suitcase where I can stash it for the duration of the flight.

So. On Friday I flew with WestJet. It was fine. Enough leg room had me pleasantly surprised. But did you know that these days if you want a pillow and blanket, it will cost you a mere $7.00? Cost cutting at it's finest. The average speed we flew at was 423 mph and we flew at the altitude of 39 474 ft. We flew over New England en route to Toronto and it was a small wonder that we weren't asked to present passports just to fly over US air space.

Must run. Dearest brother arrived to take us to his home before going to the airport and I must try to charm my niece. She's being terribly shy. Not surprising considering the last time I saw her was when she was 3 months old.


Unknown said...

I miss you like crazy all ready. Don't give the airport people too hard a time!! I don't want you in a Polish Jail....HAHAHA


Pam said...

Bon Voyage! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Ali P said...

But Polish jail could be worth many a good story!!
I never had any problems with my knitting on airplanes since I started knitting and flying. I usually pack something smallish for in flight work because of the lack of elbow room. And since I favour wooden or bamboo needles the whole pointy metal object issue hasn't come up.
I hope your visit is the awesomeness baby!!! Miss ya. Keep updating as often as possible so we know you haven't mouthed- off your way into a cell. ;oP