Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three Days to Take Off

Knitting update: Another two balls down, for a total of 15 of 100. Note that I am only counting full balls finished. I've used up at least 3 or 4 partials on top of that. I made a very nice cabled neck warmer and hat for hubby. The neck warmer is quite long so he can actually pull it up over his ears and tuck it under his hat in extreme cold. He likes them both. Apparently they are very manly. I am almost done with a pair of heavy socks for myself too, only a few rows left on one of the toes.

I can't believe I'm leaving in less than three days. Everybody keeps asking me if I'm packed, and excited. No. And no. I did bring the suitcases out of the basement. That has to count for something, right? But for the life of me I can't muster up the excitement. I actually cried today when hubby asked if I was getting excited yet. Maybe it's separation anxiety. I have never been away from the kids since they've been born. Maybe once I'm on the plane, in the air... I must start thinking about knitting projects to pack, and something suitable to knit on in flight. After all, what am I going to do if a storm hits and I'm stuck in an airport waiting room like so many have been in recent weeks? It doesn't bear thinking about.

P.S. Dorothy, don't you think it's time to update soon?? *GRIN*


willowtree said...

I just read about Pointdexter, I'm so sorry for you, I lost my favourite cat at roughly the same age a few years ago (it's way too young) and I still haven't gotten over it fully.

Bon Voyage and have a great time in Poland!!

Dorothy said...

probably is :)
not in the mood at the moment. Mom isn't doing well, again. Doctor said "it doesn't look good"