Sunday, May 13, 2007

Catching Up

See this? Actual finished knitting. There has been a request made for a matching skirt, plain, straight, nothing "funny" or fancy. There goes that plan. I even had the coordinating colour and everything. This top will hopefully pass the water test. It's really light, not a natural fibre in sight, which might mean that it will dry fast and maybe even alleviate a need for a store-bought bathing suit (those things never fit properly anyway). I have lots of this yarn so how hard can it be to knit up a bathing suit or bikini for a 7 year old?

Isn't that cotton pretty? I cast on 66 stitches on 2.5mm needles, thinking I'd get a fine fit for myself. That's as far as I got on the cuff before realizing youngest off-spring will be enjoying a new pair of pretty socks soon. I didn't have it in me to start again. It's crochet cotton, quite fine, shiny and soft. Lovely for spring and summer. Lucky girl.

I finally finished the man/child's socks. He wanted knee-highs. He got knee-highs. Never seen a kid so happy about a pair of socks. Very gratifying. Especially on Mother's Day. I guess I'm not such a bad mother after all. Until I tell him it's time to turn the PS2 off because it's a school night and almost bedtime... Sometimes, there really is no winning.

In exchange for the socks, these are a couple of the pictures he thought I'd enjoy:

Now that Fang is gone, Sugar had to find herself another buddy. Thomas seems to have the right fit (and tolerance level).

The cats may have had "help" getting those beer bottles...

In other news, all the bovine and ovine have been marched out of the barn and into a "holding field", with short passes to mow down grass that I don't believe I should have to deal with yet on the front and back lawns. The chickens are free ranging and dealing with any bugs, or so I tell myself. The black flies are starting to hatch although I've not needed any heavy duty weaponry against them . Yet. All in due time. I have been having problems keeping the sheep in. They just jump the fencing as they please. Hubby put in an extra strand of wire and made the fencing higher, but that only deterred them for a couple days. The cow and heifer seem to be the only once with any common sense. But apparently I may be lacking in that department too. Earlier today when the sheep jumped the fence, I got fed up and even let the cow out. She stayed close to me where I was working in the garden. Lots of chewing for her on the grass surrounding the garden. Even though I went so far as to unplug the fencer, Fudge never left the field. She hollered for her mother but never went to join her. Well trained animal. May just have to keep her this fall instead of filling our freezer. Now, the sheep have a ring leader. There is one that is semi-obedient, but not under Maria's influence. As soon as Kenny (the ram lamb) is old enough to be done with mama, she's a goner. OMG, she drives me crazy.
Getting on with the story.... when hubby and the eldest came home from the woods, he asked me why the sheep were getting into the barn. Looking for grain, the pigs. So I went and locked them in. I was royally ticked off. At least I wouldn't have to worry that the neighbour would shoot them if they wondered off. Uh huh. This evening, as I started this entry, I couldn't quite understand why the cow kept bawling. She had feed. Maybe she was in heat, I thought to myself. Went outside and saw: the sheep wandering around the main pasture like they owned the place. No wonder the cow is upset. They're eating fresh while she's getting last of the bailed stuff. They can thank my lack of ambition this evening for their continuing lives. They may not be so lucky tomorrow. Milk re-placer is not that expensive!

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