Monday, May 14, 2007

Open your Eyes

You must go here if earth matters to you, if sustainability is starting to guide your conscience, if your body, health and general well-being are your priorities. Don't wait. We've all waited too long as it is. I may be only directing you to another blog, but trust me on this. It's one that should be read. It may seem like a variation on the "reduce, reuse, recycle". Keep reading. Look at the links. Check out 3.4.07! Did you know how much harm our environment endures just for our wont of jeans?! Who knew how much we harm ourselves for the sake of soft skin or pretty nails? Why are Health agencies only concentrating on cures instead of preventions?

To be totally honest, I am getting tired of reading labels. Truly. But! Where are the labels on the cosmetics or shampoos or lotions warning us that some ingredients are actually cancer-causing? Are wrinkles worth it? It's difficult to fight wrinkles if you're dead!

I picked this daffodil this morning. Almost the middle of May. Sure, it may seem late in the season for it. My tulips haven't bloomed yet either. There is a natural explanation. I don't fertilize with chemicals. The flowers are allowed to bloom in their own good time. So I have to wait longer. No big deal. I have bouquets of pussy willows in my vases. The lilacs are only starting to leaf out. I can wait. Do you like my vase? Reused! Any little bit helps.

Please.... do your part.

Knitters... that link above? Gives a whole new reason to pass on those acrylics. I will use what I have. Or pass it on to someone who can put it to good use. But I will try harder to do my part. Now. And for our future.

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