Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is Day 2 (yesterday) of this chick's life. I will try to keep a record of the development of feathers and plumage (daily with any luck). Bound to be some cute photos.

I picked up a dozen Meat Kings from the Farmers' Co-op. So far, they are all alive and well. I chose to feed them non-medicated chick starter. I hope to raise them somewhat slower than is actually possible. This should prevent leg problems and untimely death.

At the bottom of the picture are my tomato seedlings. I have Lemon Boy, Brandywine, and Tiny Tim. It may seem like I started them rather late, but past experience has proven that February is rather early. Last year was much too wet to plant them out when they were ready and the year before was so cold that by the time I started to harden the tomato plants, they were already in bloom and some were even pollinated! The best way, by far, of judging when to plant out is by soil temperature, not the tradition May 24th weekend. Soil thermometers are not expensive and with the shift of weather patterns, it's better to be safe than sorry. Some thermometers even come with a guide of ideal temperatures for specific plants, to save you time researching it yourself.
Day 3. I was a bit camera happy this morning. Took lots of pictures while the chicks were out of the aquarium so I could clean it. They thoroughly enjoyed then temporary freedom on the kitchen table, even stretching their wings and attempting flight. There is no major change in feather development. The chicks are getting lively and eating and drinking well. Promptly after filling up, they snuggle up for a nap, resembling a fluffy yellow blanket.

I would swear that this chick is thinking "What are You looking at?".

In other news, how about those Ottawa Senators?! They are one game away from winning the Eastern Conference play offs. Then a fight for the Cup! GO, SENS, GO!!! Watching the play offs has been a perfect time for knitting on the blanket. It's coming along, slowly.

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Ali P said...

It looks like its saying "You wanna piece o' me?? Huh? Huh?!!!"
To which I would answer, "Yes Please, in about 3 months!!! I like thighs best!"
I found that free ranging and feeding cracked/whole grains as feed was a great slower downer of growth when they came off chick feed and my birds were all very healthy and happy. Or you could try cutting crumbles/pellets with scratch to slow them instead of the free ranging. And feed them all your garden weeds if not out foraging.