Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Walk Through The Back 40

After the obligatory farm chores and a couple loads of laundry, plus usual puttering about, the afternoon suggested itself to an activity more relaxed in nature. The meat birds tasted the great outdoors for the first time. The sheep, cow and chickens happily free-ranged between the front and back yards. (At least mowing the lawn wasn't going to be in my future!)

A walk was definitely in order.

I was still wearing my rubber boots, and decided to grab my camera (just in case).

I ended up taking gazillions of pictures. The teeth-with-wings, although about, let me be. That in itself was an omen of good things to come!

Majority of the old apple trees on our farm are still in bloom and the air was positively heavenly with their scent. Wild blueberries are in bloom as well, and I know this summer will be a busy one.

Come August, blackberries will be the flavour in our favour.
Walking along our woods road, I wasn't surprised to recognize signs of trespassers. As long as the deer stay out of my garden, I enjoy knowing that they consider our back 40 their home. Until the fall at least, when I will regard them as a welcome addition to our winter meat supply. Does it get any more natural than that? No worries that deer will be full of growth hormones, or that they were feeding on chemically enhanced fields or feeds.
Yes, I love the country life. It's not always easy, I admit. Well-paying jobs are much like hens' teeth, unless one is willing to travel an hour or more to the city. As an example, here, the noble craft of a carpenter pays barely half of what the city tradesmen are earning. Doesn't sound fair, eh?
It is too high a price to pay for cleaner air, safer surroundings, and tranquility?

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