Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to "Farming"

Isn't that a lovely deer? He had no problem finding the apples and carrots under all that snow!

Monday evening the cow got escorted into the barn for the winter. Fudge, on the other hand, is a bit strong-willed so I just let her make her own way in, in her own good time. Actually it wasn't too bad. I left the electric fence open while I was dealing with the cow, and eventually Fudge wondered out, and following Moonlight's bellowing made her way into the barn. I had a bit of a wrestle to get her into her own stall, and with the exception of a single trampling of my foot, all went relatively well. Fudge is somewhat disgruntled since now she's completely cut off milk, but at least I finally have a regular supply of milk in the house. Hey, I believe letting her be milk fed for 11 months is quite long enough. Boy, oh, boy, that will be lovely beef. I taped her last night on a dairy Holstein tape, on which she measured out at 902 lbs! Now, considering that she is part Limousin, and looks the spitting image of her daddy, I dare say she weighs more than that! Her neck is way bigger that her mother's, and she stands almost as high! An incredible animal.

I might as well confess. Yesterday afternoon, after a lenghty nap, as I was going downstairs, I slipped and had a terrible fall. Spilled my coffee and everything! Hubby freaked of course, but I did appreciate his help getting me up off the floor and onto a soft chair. I smashed my left elbow and butt bone just below the cheek, which makes it extremely sore to sit. The scariest part, however, was how dizzy I felt after I managed to sit down. But I am in one piece and working for the next three days.

The kittens all got bathed last night, because I discovered fleas. Not so good, since the fleas had to be picked off by hand. I couldn't use the flea shampoo on them because they're too young. This morning I clipped their little bitty sharp claws. They're seven weeks old now and wildly playful, oh my goodness. Funny, too. Soon I'll be finding them new homes.


Ali P said...

Oh wow is that teh Big Buck Mike flipped out over?? he's a beauty!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yup, he's the one. Smart, too. The trail camera shows him coming to the bait pile within 10 minutes of Mathew leaving his tree stand! LMOL