Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Sock Domination?

Holy cow! Everywhere I dropped by this morning, everyone is knitting socks. I am getting a major case of socktitis (like startitis except socky). Dorothy has new sock yarn, Lexa has another gorgeous pair finished posing with some beautiful lilies (did I ever mention that yellow is my favourite colour!?), and Donna has socks going on at her place. I especially like those pretty blue ribbed ones with the little cables on the sides. I must definitely make some of those!

I may have moaned out loud that everyone is making socks except me, and hubby promptly piped up and said he could use at least four more pairs. Huh. That's not exactly what I had in mind. And let's face it: I'm starting to suspect my sock yarn stash has been reproducing. Pandora seems particularly fond of spreading it around the house in the deep of night, taunting me. Seriously!

Did you guys hear that Grey's Anatomy is not coming back on in September? What am I supposed to knit by now? I mean there is House and NCIS and Criminal Minds.... But Grey's always provided opportunity for belly laughs. Oh well, no good thing can last indefinitely. It's only TV after all.

I already told Dorothy and the gang visiting her blog, but here is a news flash: Zellers is now flogging Briggs & Little Heritage, at $3.99/hank. Oh, yeah! May there never be another mitten or hat knit out of acrylic yarn, ever again!! Beautiful bright colours too. Ladies, grab your dpns...

Finally, some pictures of yesterday's adventure, that made my heart glad.


lexa said...

Zellers selling B&L? Wow. Ours is $4.59. Not too big a difference.

Socks everywhere! I've got other things I need to make right now, but I just wanna do socks.

Dorothy said...

That's a good price for the B&L!

Probably shouldn't tell you that I've knit one Fast Florida Footie so far today, should I?? Using the Lion Brand yarn.

Love the sheep!

Dorothy said...

Gonna make it worse - finished the fast florida footies, and started a pair of socks with the same yarn for hubby - his won't be footies though :)

Ali P said...

Grey's Anatomy is listed as returning September 25th on the ABC website, Doll. There are issues with one of the actresses but I've heard of no cancellation while its still such a hot show.

Nice pictures!