Friday, November 28, 2008

How I Love Thee...

...let me count the ways. What now, you ask?

The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater, from the neck down! That's what! Oh how I love thee. The ability to try on and adjust fit as I knit around and around, only the stitch markers strategically placed to bring me back from the dreamland into which I slip. The speed with which I can knit thee tickles my fancy to no end. But best of all, I covet thee for the minimal finishing thou require.

Thou has many faces and many admirers. Grumperina even ciphered the math to speed my way with her Picovoli . My Debbie Bliss sweater is more than half done as a result.

Thou also endeared thou self to me with incredible stash busting abilities.

Long live The Incredible , Custom-fit Raglan Sweater, from the neck down!


Caroline said...

OK, you've inspired me to give the raglan a try. I have the yarn. I just need to get started.

Ali P said...

Ha knit knut!

willowtree said...

Hmmm, this must be some sort of knitting post, or it's written in Chaucer English. Either way I have no idea what the hell's going on.