Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank you!

Here is one of the photos (at least the good one!) that I took at Patty's home on her birthday. Aren't they gorgeous? Did I mention what a lovely host Patty was, and how well she shared? And Iain was utterly charming. It seems a lifetime ago that my darlings were that small.
Patty paid me a nicest kind of compliment. I would never consider myself a Knitting Angel. Thank you, Patty. I was just happy to be able to gift something you and Iain needed. When Patty called to thank me for the wash cloths, she asked if I just happened to have them in the house, and oddly enough I answered yes. Because there was a time when I wouldn't knit these cloths until there was a shortage, at which time I usually didn't have the time to sit and knit them. So every so often, I pull out a giant ball of cotton and start knitting plain garter stitch wash cloths, one after another, until I get sick and tired of them. Then I tuck them away in a safe place until they're needed for service or gift. Coincidentally I finished two last night and have another on the needles today. Because sweaters and socks aren't the only knitting in high demand in this home.

Here's a picture from Wednesday evening. First snow of the season. Well, let me tell you: I was not quite prepared for this much of it so soon. I mean, just the day before I was sifting soil in one of the gardens before planting the last of my spring bulbs. Needless to say, I never did get finished. Hubby called me in for supper, and after that I never ventured back outside.
All of Wednesday was spend in a doctor's office for assessments of my first born (10.5 hours!) , and the trip home took much longer than on the way in, mainly avoiding cars slipping and sliding on town roads, and never exceeding 70 km/h on the highway.


Pam said...

SNOW! It was spitting a bit of snow at lunchtime here today. We are below average temps for this time of year here right now.

You mentioned planting bulbs and it was like a smack to my head. I totally forgot about doing that. I wanted to plant some more out front and I guess I still have time. I've been so busy this month that I just completely forgot. Wow...and here it is nearly December. ack!

lexa said...

We haven't had any snow yet, but by the sound of tonight's forecast it's about to change! I took the shovels out of the garage and put them by the door today. Right now it's sunny and quite nice. This will be the puppy's first snow, it will be interesting to see what she thinks of it. Jewel loves it! I can't keep her inside when it's snowing.

Dorothy said...

Woke up to lots of the white stuff here. I don't think I'll be going to the craft sale ... don't think the car will make it out the driveway!!
How nice that you had dishcloths for Patty (added her to my favs, by the way)
Have a good Saturday!