Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowed-In Heart

Middleton, Nova Scotia: Heart of the Valley.

Practically shut down by the first snow storm of the season. So I went on a walking tour of my town, initially intending to go to the library but that turned out to be closed too. Even the parking lot wasn't plowed out since the day before.

The MacDonald Consolidated School Museum. They hosted a really good Christmas Craft Fair last weekend. You should mark your calendars for next year.

Town starting to decorate for the holiday season .

Check that out. A new permanent sign advertising the Farmers' Market. Definitely a good sign. (pun intended)

Commercial Street. Only a few of the businesses were open, and planned to close early.

That's my reflection in a bank door. Bundled up to weather the weather. Bwahahah (I am so funny!)

I attempted to shovel our driveway once I got home but that didn't last long before my back started screaming for mercy. And it's so much nicer to sit inside by the fire and knit anyway.

I do have some good news for any knitters in the local area (Hi Patty!) and any new recruits. There is a new internet cafe on Commercial Street that is welcoming us with open arms. The Naugles just opened their doors two weeks ago and they're all about welcoming the local community to come and hang out. Angela, one of the owners, is a lovely woman that will try to accommodate us as much as possible, including opening to suit our needs outside of their current hours. The cafe is bright and spacious, the walls decorated with local artists' wares. Tomorrow evening they're even hosting an art show so drop by and check them out.

Oh yes, and here is the newest addition to the family. (Hey AliP: neener neener!!)

Have you seen this? I've considered myself a fairly decent knitter, but I'll never be in the same league as the woman that won the World's Record in 2006 as fastest knitter. WOW.


lexa said...

Awww! What a little cutie!!

Isn't that woman just insane?!?! My eyes can hardly keep up with her hands.

Dorothy said...

I ended up at a craft sale today - I was going to go, but cancelled because of the snow - then a friend insisted she was coming to get me.
In another room in the same building there was a pet adoption fair going on - cute kittens up for grabs! $20 got you a spayed or neutered kitten/cat. I was able to resist; but many weren't :)
Hope to update blog tomorrow.

willowtree said...

Great shots! I've always believed that snow looks much better from Australia.